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Turnkey Grassroots

Stampede’s customers are strategic thinkers, who know what needs to be done, but don’t have time to start from scratch on a door-to-door field operation. Stampede is built to provide turnkey service. You tell us the objective and we’ll execute.

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Nationwide Reach

Too often, strategists are forced to use different grassroots consultants in different markets. The problem? Inconsistent service. Inconsistent results. Stampede solves this problem by providing nationwide reach and a predictable experience.

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Industry’s Only Guarantee

Stampede’s customers have a lot at stake. And we’ve designed our business to put skin in the game, as well, so that our interests are fully aligned. Stampede offers the industry’s only "Consider It Won" performance guarantee.

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Putting Veterans to Work

Stampede Consulting is built for veterans. Our 2016 goal is 1,000 veterans in the field, working on behalf of candidates and causes. For our customers, it means that you’ll have America’s best fighting for you.

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Stampede is definitely not for everyone. To save you time, here’s a shortcut to figuring out if we’re a fit: Our customers generally aren’t the types who are looking for a “new buddy” to add to the team. They hire us because they want the job done right. They accept the fact that we don’t respond to RFPs and we don’t answer questions like, “how would you handle this?” before we get paid. After all, that’s our “special sauce.” At first they don’t believe that our “Consider It Won” money-back guarantee is real. But when they realize it is, that’s when they finally understand us. Last thing, they don’t micromanage because frankly they’re too important and their pre-hire due diligence has gotten them past any “trust issues.” So, if this stuff doesn’t put you off and you’re a pro-free market candidate, IE, or trade association, and you have budget earmarked for person-to-person communications, then we might be a fit. If not, then we’re happy to point you in another direction.
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Stampede is your best ally on the ground. Or your worst enemy.

Ward Baker
2017 AAPC Strategist of the Year