Our customers have a lot on the line. From our experience, we’ve seen just how hard it can be for them to communicate the real urgency they feel about the mission to their vendors. Stampede is not “super human” in this regard. In fact, we’ve had to overcome a tendency to be so dispassionate and numbers-driven that we miss some of the emotional drive behind our customers’ causes. Our solution is to “get there” by putting some skin in the game. We do this by offering the industry’s only guarantee. This guarantee is our act of good faith and it aligns our interests with yours.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Once we have a signed contract, our team will meet with yours to discuss the project goals and establish “what success looks like” for you.
  2. We will then launch Phase 1, during which we will deploy a team to ascertain the lay of the land and actually test messaging, targeting, conversation + conversation rates so that we can measure what it’ll take to operationalize the mission.
  3. Our team will return with a plan to achieve your goals and once discussed and approved, we will guarantee performance or your money back.