Stampede is built for military families.

As you know, if you’ve served in the Armed Forces, it can be hard to go from a job where you’ve been fighting for America overseas to one where you might be fighting for Bank of America back home.

On average, it can take servicemen and women 36 months to fully transition back to a private sector, non-military life.

Stampede recognizes what the men and women, who served our country, have gone through and what they face as they leave the service. Many of our staff are former military and they have tailored our workplace to be a soft landing for recent veterans.

We also know what it’s like for the families of our soldiers and we’ve worked hard to become a great career opportunity for dependents, as well. A recent survey by Blue Star Families reports that frequent moves and a difficulty finding jobs that are portable has led to an unemployment rate among military spouses of 21%.

Military families are 27% less likely than non-military families to have a second source of income, which is creating hardships for families. Stampede understands and is doing our part to help solve this problem.

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Earn a degree while you earn a living.

If you are eligible for the G.I. Bill, then Stampede has a great program for you.

We’ve established a partnership with George Washington University’s School of Political Campaign Management to allow servicemen and women, who work for us, to obtain their degree while earning a living.

George Washington University will provide you with support, handle the funding, and get you into your program. Stampede will make sure you have the flexible work schedule you’ll need to get your required school work done.

Stampede and George Washington University are committed to you.

If you’re interested in learning more this program, email us today to set up a call with one of our career counselors.

Join Freedom’s Army.

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