CEO: Chris Turner

Chris provides the vision and mentors our people. He’s led two companies, including Stampede, onto Inc. Magazine’s list of the “5000 Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies in America.” He serves on the Board of the American Conservative Union and has been active in EO, The Entrepreneurs Organization. Chris and his family live in Alexandria, Virginia. Words to describe him are “innovative” and “impatient.”

Deployment Director: Kristin Vieira

Kristin holds people accountable. She’s one of America’s elite field operations experts. She has a bird’s eye view of all of our programs and holds them to the highest standards. Kristin calls New Jersey home. Words to describe her are “dependable” and “enforcer.”

Team Recruiter: Ashley McElheny

Ashley builds the teams that get things done. Stampede separates itself from the competition by recruiting and on-boarding premier talent. Ashley leads the effort that places the right boots for our customers. Ashley is a military spouse, who lives in South Florida. Words to describe her are “unstoppable” and “unbreakable.”

Team Recruiter: Jason Willette

Jason helps us locate the best-of-the-best talent. He is a Marine Corps combat veteran, who has literally put his life on the line to defend our freedoms. He’s someone any of us would be proud to follow into battle. Jason lives in Austin, Texas. Words to describe him are “dedicated” and “competitive.”

Human Resources: Maddie McCool

Maddie keeps the people process moving. Stampede succeeds in large part because we have the best back office process in the industry. Maddie runs the machine that puts boots on the ground. She and her family live in Fort Worth, Texas. Words to describe her are “dedicated” and “thorough.”